I’ve purchased a K4KIO Broadband Hexbeam (20m-6m) recently and am in the process of putting it together.

Stage 1: Painting the spreaders

The fibreglass spreaders are pretty much just that, fibreglass so over time, believe it would weather and start to shred fibres therefore K4KIO recommended to paint the spreaders which will result in longevity. There was discussion re Rustoleum in a can but at $15 per can here in Australia, its expensive. Ended up getting an equivalent in paint from Brinlays Paints which has the same properties. Two coats of this primer, then two coats of a product called Sunguard which is an outdoor paint. Quite thick stuff. End results are below. Some might say its an overkill but I guess I’m an overkill guy..

Stage 2: Telescopic pole resuscitation


Stage 3: Lightweight Rotator


Stage 4: Hexbeam assembly

Stage 5: On-air testing

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