I’ve purchased a K4KIO Broadband Hexbeam (20m-6m). The below documents my journey. It is currently only 7m elevated.

Outstanding tasks:

* A thrust bearing has been bought for use
* Top post between hex and rotator (currently steel) to be replaced by aluminium with thrust bearing in place.
* Another set of rope guys to be installed for extra measure.
* Antenna to be raised another 3m to maximum 10m

Stage 1: Painting the spreaders

The fibreglass spreaders are pretty much just that, fibreglass so over time, believe it would weather and start to shred fibres therefore K4KIO recommended to paint the spreaders which will result in longevity. There was discussion re Rustoleum in a can but at $15 per can here in Australia, its expensive. Ended up getting an equivalent in paint from Brinlays Paints which has the same properties. Two coats of this primer, then two coats of a product called Sunguard which is an outdoor paint. Quite thick stuff. End results are below. Some might say its an overkill but I guess I’m an overkill guy..

Stage 2: Aluminium Telescopic mast


Stage 3: Lightweight Rotator

Yaesu G450 has been purchased and set up. Maybe an overkill for 0.44 wind load for this hexbeam.

Stage 4: Hexbeam assembly

I’ve actually taken off the 6M element as done some research on its performance and possible performance degradation on other bands.

Stage 5: Final Product

After months of planning and $$, its all complete. Not too high at present but possibly a metre more in a couple of months. LMR400 run around 40m in length + Yaesu g-450c (Trailer cable)

Results from WSPR are very good.