I built this antenna to have something I can get on 40M, 30M and 20M. I can simply add more if need be. The advantages of this antenna is its physical footprint. Being vertical, pretty much the only things that it consumes or is an eyesore are the guys and ground radials. The ground radials though if stapled into the ground are easily covered by the grass.

As every antenna, most of this stuff is experimental/semi-perm. Whatever lasts I guess. The antenna as it stands has been purely experimental.

Build parts:

* 10M fibreglass pole. I would recommend anything that is 1.2mm thickness most of the way through with the last two sections(top) being 2mm thickness. This gives you the extra strength on top.
* Guy rope. Camo one from bunnings is sufficient.
* Some plastic clamps to hold the guy ropes.
* 3 x cutting boards from a two dollar shop.
* Copper house cables used for the elements.
* Some plates and metal angles from Bunnings.
* SO239
* Ferrite cores for the common mode choke. 8 in total from Jaycar Electronics.

So had some issues with the local council regarding the fishing rod antenna. Was forced to make an over engineered concrete footing as below. The antenna does not weigh anymore than 3kg. Bit of an overkill but living in the suburbs of Sydney, it is very hard to deal with the local councils. This had to be 500mm deep, 300mm square. The antenna simply goes over the steel post