Beacon monitoring is performed at my QTH in Moorebank NSW, Sydney Australia.

“Sorry – Beacon Monitoring will be back in the next couple of days”

Data gathering

I recently got back into amateur radio after a very long absence and found the lack of reported conditions quite alarming though the ideal thing to do is monitor the beacons via the IBPM program. 

Equipment Used

I built the antenna on the back of vk2prc’s instructions and it works quite well.  I am still experimenting with it though alongside the faros app.

Stats Collected

The statistics are mostly 24/7 unless I am using the radio at the time. The plan is to move towards an SDRplay alongside another halfwave endfed 20M vertical

Site Build

In Build status but its as pretty as its going to get. Any feedback appreciated via either QRZ, social media or the contact page.