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20/40m Endfed Vertical

I’ve been a licensed amateur radio operator for a long time. ‘Licensed’ but not on air as such. . I’ve never had the time to get on the radio, build or buy an antenna. Was selling a radio on ebay which needed a video hence why l I bumped into VK2PRC’s video on youtube for a 20M Halfwave endfed antenna. You can check it out here –> https://youtu.be/V0LkXnEZ0Nk

The antenna as it stands has been purely experimental. The aim has been to add as much scraps as i can to get an antenna going with minimal spend. Well it has worked extremely well for me. Have worked Russia, Spain, U.S and all parts of Australia.

Build parts:

* Jiffy box from Jaycar to hold the gear
* 8M Fibreglass fishing pole from Gansel.
* PVC piping
* Some plastic clamps to hold the guy ropes.
* T200-2 Torroid
* 1mm Copper wire
* Connectors
* SO239
* Ferrite cores for the common mode choke. 8 in total from Jaycar Electronics.

So had some issues with the local council regarding the fishing rod antenna. Was forced to make an over engineered concrete footing as below. The antenna does not weigh anymore than 3kg. Bit of an overkill but living in the suburbs of Sydney, it is very hard to deal with the local councils. This had to be 500mm deep, 300mm square. The antenna simply goes over the steel post