I’ve been a licensed amateur radio operator for a long time. ‘Licensed’ but not on air as such. . I’ve never had the time to get on the radio, build or buy an antenna. Was selling a radio on ebay which needed a video hence why l I bumped into VK2PRC’s video on youtube for a 20M Halfwave endfed antenna. You can check it out here –> https://youtu.be/V0LkXnEZ0Nk

The antenna as it stands has been purely experimental. The aim has been to add as much scraps as i can to get an antenna going with minimal spend. Well it has worked extremely well for me. Have worked Russia, Spain, U.S and all parts of Australia.

Build parts:

* Jiffy box from Jaycar to hold the gear
* 8M Fibreglass fishing pole from Gansel.
* PVC piping
* Some plastic clamps to hold the guy ropes.
* T200-2 Torroid
* 1mm Copper wire
* Connectors
* SO239
* Ferrite cores for the common mode choke. 8 in total from Jaycar Electronics.

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